Friday, January 11, 2008

Friends and Toys!

This past weekend we went to Griffin's christening. It was such a nice Sunday with the boys! It is crazy to look at how different the boys look at different ages!! Griffin is 10 weeks younger than Hudson and Gannon is 4 months older than Hudson, but WOW, what a difference it makes!
Griffin (in swing), Hudson (in papasan), and Gannon sitting up!
The mommies with their boys. Leslie and Griffin, Jaclyn and Gannon, Hudson and Mommy
Hudson has been playing a lot this week. He is trying to get EVERYTHING in his mouth and has been getting frustrated on his play mat when the toys won't come down low enough to fit in his mouth. He is getting so strong though, that he is actually bending the bars to try to get the toys down lower. Yikes!

Loving his exersaucer!!! He gets so excited when the lights and music come on. I'm not sure he realizes yet that he is the one that is making them come on, but it is just too cute to watch!

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