Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Destin 2015

We picked up Hudson early on his last day of school and headed to Destin for the week.  Talk about a fun way to start the summer!!  To say that Holden loved the beach and ocean is a total understatement.  He was a total beach baby!!

 My big boy on the other hand had a rough start to our vacation.  The first day on the beach, he kept telling me he was cold, which was really odd.  When we got back to our beach house, he fell asleep while I was in the shower, which was bizarre.  I felt his head and he was on fire.  I took his temperature and it was 104.6!!  We quickly found a doctor and found out he had strep throat.  So, the next day consisted of a lot of snuggling, movie watching, and game playing.

 Holden and Luke had matching bathing suits, so I had to get some pics of them at the pool.  Cuties!

 Uncle Todd playing with Holden.

 Hudson made it back down to the beach the following day for a little sand play and boogie boarding.

 He even made a new friend.  :)

 The following day, Paw-Paw and Nana booked a sand castle building class for Hudson, Uncle Geoff, Uncle Todd, and Aunt Tara.
 Holden was a total tornado during the class...digging, splashing, and head butting the sand!
 Cute Luke waving!

 This boy!!!  He was on the move NON STOP at the beach.  It was a complete workout trying to keep up with him, but the smiles when the water touched his feet were priceless!!

It was an amazing, exhausting week and I wouldn't have had it any other way!!!

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