Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Happy #1 Holden!!

Holden's first birthday fell on a Saturday, March 14th, so we decided to have his party that day.  He absolutely LOVES balls, so I planned a ball themed party.  Life is so different from when Hudson turned one, so instead of there being a ton of babies here, his party consisted of family and his one other friend Hayes.  We all had a "ball"...ha!
I cracked up at his hair when he woke up the morning of his big day!!
 After breakfast, he played in his favorite cabinet.  :)  When he went down for a nap, I got everything set up for his party.
 Here are the decorations and food...I loved the way it turned out!

 All of the food was shaped like balls.

 Cousin Luke and Paw-Paw eating a snack.
 Holden and Hayes getting ready to party.
 Birthday love with Noni.
 The three babies playing in the ball pit.

 Uncle Geoffrey and Aunt Shani had to join in on the fun too!

 Holden's precious smash cake.

 The big kids had to play for a few minutes before cake time.
 Sweet boy ready for his first bite of cake!

 He wasn't sure what to make of the cake at first, but quickly figured it out.

 He was so messy by the end that he got to take a bath in the kitchen sink and Kelly had to wash his high chair in the backyard. 

 Posing with Aunt Fern and Nana after a good nap.
 The next morning Holden opened his gifts.  Or, played with boxes and's all the same thing, right?!?

We had so much fun celebrating this little guy on his actual birthday.  I still can't believe he's one!!  He has truly completed our family and I couldn't love him any more!!!

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