Monday, December 29, 2014

Oklahoma Christmas

 The day after Christmas we headed to Oklahoma.  It was so fun watching all of the boys play together!  They started out by being drug around in a box.  What kid doesn't love playing in a box?  :)

 Later that night after the little ones had already had their bath, it was time to open presents. The boys loved their Santa bags.

 Hudson was excited to give the last of his gifts to Paw-Paw and Nana...a bug book and earrings.

 Paw-Paw was surprised to get a new guitar with guitar lessons.  He used to play for Shani and I growing up and has been talking about having his guitar fixed so he could play for his grand kids.  It was so fun to watch him open it!  :)

 I managed to snap a few pictures of these cuties playing the next day.  Love them!!

We were blessed to have such a wonderful Christmas filled with family time.

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