Monday, December 29, 2014

9 Months

This sweet, happy baby turned 9 months old on December 14th.  He had his 9 month appointment the day after and weighed 20 pounds, 10 ounces and was 28 inches long.  (That is two pounds heavier than Hudson was and the exact same length.)  As Dr. Smith said, he is a BIG baby!  He still isn't crawling or pulling up all the way by himself, but is well on his way.  He got the all clear to start eating chicken and turkey at his appointment and has loved it so far!  (We will have to wait on beef and all forms of dairy until after he turns 1 because of his allergy.)  He continues to be an absolute JOY!  He loves standing, playing with toys that make noise, being sung to, watching his brother, being carried around, eating, being outside, and bouncing.  He is the squirmiest baby I have ever been around...not sure if I need to worry about that...ha!  His hair ALWAYS stands straight up and is the cutest thing ever!!  All in all, he is absolutely perfect and we all love him like crazy!!

 I could NOT get him to keep his sticker on...he kept taking it off and then started trying to eat it.  My photo shoot ended pretty quickly!  :)

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