Monday, December 29, 2014

Haddy's Adventures!

Haddy arrived the day after Thanksgiving again this year.  Hudson was excited to find him in the guest bathroom and was shocked to see that he had written on the mirror.  :)  After this picture was taken, we headed to Oklahoma.  Haddy was waiting there when we arrived, but I forgot to take pictures of his adventures there.  Oops!
 Here are some of the things he did when we returned home from Oklahoma.

 We found him looking at pictures of Santa one morning in the iPad.
 This was probably one of Hudson's favorite days.  I had stored these peppermints in the attic last year with the decorations.  Needless to say, they looked really yucky when we got our Christmas stuff out this year.  I had every intention of replacing them, but kept forgetting.  Apparently Haddy tried to eat some though...
 The peppermints obviously made him sick because this is how we found him the next day...

 The day that Haddy was sitting on the floor with a bottle, Hudson was playing with cars in the living room.  One of them knocked him over and Hudson was devastated.  This is how he found him the next day...

 Hudson lost a tooth and this is how we found him the next day.  He wanted a dollar from the tooth fairy too, but only got play money.  Poor Haddy.

I forgot to take a picture of Haddy on Christmas Eve.  Hudson loved finding him every day...such a fun tradition!

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