Monday, February 24, 2014

Second 9 Weeks Awards

Hudson's school had their second 9 weeks awards on January 24th and he had a note sent home saying he was going to be recognized.  So, Kelly and I excitedly went up to the school to see what he was recognized for.  I couldn't have been more proud...he was recognized 4 times!!  He got an award for being able to count to 100, knowing all of his letters and sounds, already reading at the end of the year mark for Kindergarten, and for being a Wonderful Worker.  This mommy and former teacher thought I might just burst!  
Here he is accepting his first award.
 Going up for number two.
 I was sitting in the WRONG place for the group picture, but if you look in the back row, you'll see Hudson smiling right at the camera!
 His face when he was called to go up again!  
 He was so proud of himself!!!  Love this kid!

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