Monday, February 24, 2014

Heart Day and a Half Birthday!!

 Valentine's Day fell on a Friday this year, so Hudson woke up for school to find the table scattered with hearts with reasons why Mommy and Daddy love him, along with a few goodies.

Sounding out some of the reasons.  :)
 Crazy eyed kid!

 We (as in Mommy), worked really hard on his Lego Valentine box this year.  He was SO stinkin' proud of it!  Here he is before heading off to school.
 Being room mom, I was in charge of his Valentine party.  They did a craft, played Valentine Bingo with conversation hearts as markers, had a snack, and of course got to go through their boxes.  They were so cute opening all of their Valentines and oohing over what they received.  :)
Here is Hudson at his table working on their craft.
 Snack time!

 His half birthday was technically the day before, but since it was one of my tutoring nights, we celebrated on Valentine's Day.  After eating our traditional heart shaped pizza for dinner, we brought out a little cookie cake.  
 We had to have candles of course too!  See the green "half" candle.  :)

 It blows my mind how BIG he's getting.  (Insert tear.)
 No half birthday is complete without a little something to open.  He got the movie Ice Age Continental Drift.
 He was just a little excited about it too!  
We all quickly put on pajamas, made popcorn, and had a movie night to end a great day!!

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