Monday, November 8, 2010


When Brittney emailed us the pictures below she titled the email Thankful. I couldn't agree more!!! I never could have imagined how much these kiddos and their mommies would mean to me when we first started getting together for playgroup over 3 years ago. (Most of the kids weren't even born yet!) Thankful almost seems like too simple of a word, but thankful I am! Love you all!!!
So, this playgroup was the day after Halloween and as you can see, most kids had already taken off their costumes or never even put them on. We couldn't resist getting a group pic...HILARIOUS as usual. (Please don't ask why Hudson is covering up his ears...we were singing Jesus Loves Me like we always do and he said we were singing too loud. What?!?)
The lineup: Grant, Ellie, Tanner, Landon, Sutton, Hudson, Quinn holding Nash, Chapman, and Reid holding Jace. (We missed Amy & Porter!!)

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