Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Fun!

We told Hudson that there were going to be a lot of fun things to do when he woke up after his nap on Halloween and I'm pretty sure he loved all of it! The first order of business was carving a pumpkin. He wasn't too sure about sticking his hand in it, so Daddy got him a glove and he went to town!
Check out that face!!!
He was very intrigued by the fact that we were going to roast the seeds and eat them.
Getting them ready...
YUM! He LOVED the roasted pumpkin seeds. We actually had to take them away because he was eating them so fast we were afraid he wasn't going to eat dinner!
Our finished product!
Next up...a Jack-O-Lantern pizza from Papa Murphy's. How fun!
After dinner, he suited up to go trick-or-treating. He had so much fun this year! The funny part though is that he is a REALLY slow trick-or-treater. Kids were literally running past us on the sidewalk while he just slowly walked along. He was happy just looking around and shining his flashlight on things!
Off he went...
We ran into some friends...Ella, Stone, and Hudson. How sweet are they?!?
Once we got home Hudson asked if he could have a piece of candy. We said just one and then swooped him off to bed. Check out that sweaty head from his fireman hat though...yuck!
Such a fun day...now...what to do with all of that candy???

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Tigert Tales said...

I love his smile while holding the bowl of pumpkin seeds. Too cute!