Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's a Family Tradition!

My Great Aunt Fern started the sweetest family tradition for us when my sister, brother, and I were little. Each year she bought us a dated Hallmark Christmas ornament that "fit" us or our stage in life. They were all saved in their boxes and given to us when we went out on our own and had our own Christmas trees. It is so fun each year when I pull out the ornaments and am reminded of my "stages" of life...from teddy bear ornaments (I had a small bear obsession as a child) to a teenager ornament with a hair dryer and curling iron (Ha!)to angel ornaments (Pi Phi days)...then to teaching and first years of marriage and first baby ornaments. They are all so special to me and I look forward to each Thanskgiving when she passes out our new ornaments to see what is inside that precious Hallmark box. The best part about this tradition is that she also started it with Hudson. This years ornament might be the cutest and most perfect ornament for Hudson's "stage of life" I have EVER seen:
Opening his precious little box...
Tongue out in full inspection.
Yes, it is a Curious George reading a Curious George book...could it be ANY MORE PERFECT for him?!?! :)
Giving his GREAT, GREAT Aunt Fern the sweetest hug. This picture absolutely melts my heart. This is truly one of my favorite family traditions and I am so thankful that she started it all those years ago.
I had to include this picture...after the opening of the ornaments and a bath, Hudson curled up with Paw-Paw to have some milk and cookies before bedtime. :)

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Aurora said...

I love that ornament tradition...
and that picture of Hudson giving Aunt Fern a hug made me tear up it is SO sweet!!!