Tuesday, March 30, 2010

He's Not a Baby Anymore...

If you ask Hudson if he is a baby, he will say, "No, I'm not a baby anymore." I couldn't say it better myself. My little boy is growing up faster and faster and it is showing in little things every day. (Did I mention that it is kind of sad too?) One of the big changes is in gymnastics. He has been in the Tiny Tots gymnastics class for 10 months now and last week he and our sweet friend Tanner were moved up to the next class. The MAJOR difference...the mommies don't rotate with them anymore...we sit in the stands and they go through the class all by themselves. Kara and I were so worried as to how they would do, but we shouldn't have worried at all. They have done GREAT the past two weeks. I took my camera today to document what they do in class. (Keep in mind that I was up in the stands and they were on the move, so the pics aren't that great.)
Part of circle time is doing tuck, pike, and straddle. Then, their "spiders" travel down to tickele their feet.
How cute are they walking with their bean bags on their heads?

Forward roll time!
One of their favorite activities has to be racing. Hudson normally gallops instead, so he is ALWAYS the last one. But, he is smiling the WHOLE time! :)
Hanging from the bar...
Jump, jump, jump!
Bear walks across the bars.
I think this activity would be flirting with Miss Amanda. Have I mentioned how much we LOVE Miss Amanda?!? She is WONDERFUL!
TA-DA! They just got their stickers and stamps and are all done!
Pretty cute...did you notice how Hudson and Tanner are near each other in almost every picture?? Such sweet friends! :)


Kara Wilson said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE these cute pictures!!!! And, we LOVE our Tuesdays with you!!! That is something I will always remember and treasure the memories of gymnastics with you guys!!!
Why are our boys growing up so fast?!? They look so big!!!!

Aurora said...

Yay for Hudson!!! What a big boy :)