Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Santa! Hmm...

Hudson's Santa experience this year was quite different than last.
Last year: Hudson walked right up to Santa, reached out for him and snuggled right in.
This year: Hudson took one look, SCREAMED, ran to Daddy and cried. Hmm...I think last year was better! Santa and the photographer were SO PATIENT though and played with Hudson by throwing a "snowball" back and forth until Hudson warmed up. Mommy even got to sit in Santa's lap for a while to show Hudson that he was OK. He finally got up there with the big guy:
Then, he got really comfy and told Santa what he wanted for Chritmas. Are you ready for this? He told him he wanted quarters. Yes my friends, my 2 year old son asked Santa for money!!! WHAT?!? I guess Santa doesn't get quarters as an answer very often. I mean, look at his face!

We walked away with a few cute pics and Hudson even gave Santa a big hug before we left. WHEW! We'll see what next year brings!


Aurora said...

That is a cute santa...and SO funnny that Hudson asked for quarters! I love it!

Porter Carroll said...

Hilarious! I love it! That stinker. Cute pics

Kara Wilson said...

OMG....I LOVE those pics!!! I think I may have to try your cute Santa out. We took the kids to visit Santa tonight & Tanner was scared to death!!! Screamed & cried!!!! And, sweet Ellie fell asleep in Santa's arms!!!