Monday, December 7, 2009

Birthday Party for Jesus

Last night we went to church for a birthday party for Jesus. It was SUCH a good time and we will definitely make this a tradition. Hudson had a great time celebrating inside, but the true celebration was outside. This is how our evening went:
No birthday party is complete without cupcakes! In true Hudson fashion, he DIVES right in!
Christmas carols were being sung right next to us and Hudson LOVED it! He sat and ate his dinner while he listened to the music. By the way, I must note that his dinner consisted of a cupcake, hot dog, and popcorn! By the end he was dipping his popcorn in his water??
After eating we ventured off to play some games. First up ~ bowling.

Next up ~ ring toss.
Digging for a prize after each game was definitely a favorite!

Silly man!
No party is complete without a bounce house!
Funny story...Hudson received his first stick-on tattoo yesterday. The SECOND after the girl put in on he wanted it off. So, we had to scrub and scrub to get off while the sweet girl kept apologizing. I had to keep reminding her that he was 2 and it wasn't a big deal!
When we finished partying inside, we hopped in the car and drove through the drive-through Nativity Scene that they put on. It was AWESOME! Hudson was mesmerized by all of the real animals and the people that kept talking to him through the window.
He and Noni all cuddled up for the ride.

What a celebration!! It was such a great way to end the night and celebrate the meaning of the season!


The Kilgore Corral said...

That is SO fun!

Aurora said...

fun! and that drive through nativity is really cool! :)