Monday, June 22, 2009

Sno-Cones with Daddy

We had a very low key Father's Day this, lunch, and then a surprise for Hudson in the afternoon. We took him to get his first sno-cone at Bahama Bucks. It was definitely a hit! He sat on Daddy's lap the entire time and enjoyed over half of his cherry sno-cone.

Kisses for sweet!
These pictures CRACK ME UP!!! Hudson wanted the lime from my cherry limeade and even though he made these faces he kept going back for more. Silly boy!!
Oh...Hudson started counting this weekend. Completely out of the blue he counted to 6! We count every day and he has never shown any is the cutest thing to watch him count now. He is definitely impressed by himself with his new skill! :)


Tigert Tales said...

Love the lime pictures! Stone did the same thing with a lemon this week. Silly boys.

Aurora said...

Ha Ha! The lime pictures make me laugh...Avery does the same thing with lemons!
Yay for Hudson and his counting...that is awesome!