Sunday, June 14, 2009

22 Months!

As of yesterday, Hudson is 22 months old. W.O.W. 22 months means 2 months until he is 2...which is just crazy!?! He is talking up a storm these days. We often refer to him as a parrot because he repeats everything you say, and I mean everything. He is also trying to do everything that others do...from doing the motions to songs, "cooking", "cleaning", making hand gestures...everything. His strong willed personality seems to have gained momentum, but so has his sweet side. The kid loves to laugh and be silly which is great for us! I haven't caught it on film yet, but he makes his "strong face" and puts his arms up to show his muscles...HILARIOUS! He also makes his "cute face" and puts his hands under his chin, and smiles while he tilts his head to the side. Too precious for words. He has stinker written all over him and I could just eat him up. Happy 22 months little man...I love you!
Playing with Paw~Paw on his 22 month day! :)


Grow with Griffin said...

Time flies!!! Can't wait to see you two this week! It has been too long!

The Kilgore Corral said...

I can't wait to see the strong arms. That cracks me up. How lucky he is to have such a great Paw-Paw!