Tuesday, April 14, 2009

20 Months

I'm not sure how it happened, but my "baby boy" is 20 months old as of yesterday. It is absolutely crazy to me how fast time goes by and how much he is changing. He is talking like crazy these days. My absolute favorite word he says is teeth and my favorite animal sound he makes is a goat. He loves talking and showing off around Kelly and I, but definitely doesn't like to show other people. He loves to give knuckles to everyone around...even when they don't know what knuckles are. He still likes someone to be next to him while he is playing. He has an independent spirit, but doesn't like to be alone and I will take it for now! I know one day he won't want me sitting on the floor next to him all day! :) For the child that hated being rocked early on, he requests it now before nap and before bed. It is so sweet and I cherish it every day because I never know how long one of these stages will last. He is always very interested in what we are doing and enjoys standing on a chair next to me in the kitchen when I am cooking and likes sitting on Kelly's lap when he is on the computer. He has one speed: FULL SPEED and doesn't ever slow down. His favorite thing continues to be playing outside. He would be outside all day if I let him. A close second to being outside is taking a bath. He STILL cries every night when we take him out. I'm beginning to think he might do this until he is 5!! He continues to be the light of my life and cracks me up on a daily basis.
I took pictures of him outside (of course!) for his 20 month pics:

I LOVE this little guy with is BIG smile! :)

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Cara Carroll said...

Seriously Dena...Hudson looks more and more like a "big" boy every time I see him! These are such cute pics!