Sunday, June 15, 2008

Lake Texoma

For as long as I can remember, I have spent summer weekends at our cabin at Lake Texoma. I grew up playing in the sand, taking boat rides, tubing (I've never enjoyed skiing!), and most importantly spending time with family. Hudson got to spend his first weekend at Lake Texoma this weekend and I'm pretty sure he loved it as much as I always have. I can't wait for him to look forward to summer each year because summer means it is time to go to the lake. :)
Hudson and I sitting in the boat as we were about to put it in the water for the first time this summer. Don't you just love his life jacket?
Taking his first boat ride. He absolutely loved riding in the boat and he loved it more and more the faster Paw-Paw drove it. As Nana said...Hudson will be saying "Faster Paw-Paw, faster!" in the years to come!!
OK...this is one of my all time favorite pictures of him now!! We were back from a boat ride and he was getting all lathered up again.
Daddy, Mommy, and Hudson with his new float.
Playing in his float.

Hudson and Nana
Hudson and Daddy
Hudson and Paw-Paw
Being at the cabin was a great way to spend Father's Day...Hudson got to be with his Daddy and his Paw-Paw...perfect! He was a lot of help when it came to opening presents too.
It was a such a fun weekend and such a nice Father's Day. I already can't wait to go back for the 4th of July!


Cassidy said...

Looks like everyone was having fun! I love the pictures of him in his cute float.

Grow with Griffin said...

Happy Father's Day Kelly and Paw Paw! Looks like you all had a blast at the lake! LOVE the lobster float and the profile pic of Hudson in his lifevest!

Meredith said...

What a fun weekend and new tradition for Hudson to start sharing in!!! Also, it looks like swim lessons will come in handy in teaching him how to swim in the lake. I bet if he were to have jumped through that intertube and dive in the water, he would have known what to do! :)

The Kilgore Corral said...

Such fun! I love the picture of Hudson and Paw Paw with the sun reflecting off the lake in the background!

Kara Wilson said...

Such cute pics!!! Hudson looks absolutely a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e! What a fun lake weekend! We can't wait to take T to the lake!

The Penuels said...

Hudson looks so grown up all of a sudden!! He is totally at home in the water :) great pics!!