Friday, May 30, 2008

The "Lipstick Sisters"

When I taught at Dodd, I taught with two close friends ~ Melissa and Jessica. When we should have been planning or working on something we often found ourselves chatting. (All of you teachers out there can relate I'm sure!) We always talked about moms that go to the "dark side" and never get ready for the day, always wear sweat know what we mean. Well, we determined that one day when we had kids we would never let the others stray to that side. Our rule became known that you always have to at least have your lipstick on. Melissa was the first to get pregnant and she told Jessica and I by giving us each a tube of lipstick...dubbing us the "lipstick sisters"! It was such a cute way of telling us. :) So, first came Colton, then came Hudson, now baby Stone is here. We all got together for the first time this past week. How funny that the "lipstick sisters" all had little boys!! :)
Hudson, Colton, and Stone


The Kilgore Corral said...

What a handsome group! I can't wait to get together again soon.

Kara Wilson said...

Such a sweet story- I love the "lipstick sisters"- so cute!

Cassidy said...

What cuties.

I keep checking your blog for vacation pictures!