Wednesday, May 14, 2008

9 Months!

Hudson was 9 months old yesterday. He has now offically been here longer than the time I carried him, which is just weird to think about! He is so much fun these days ~ he loves playing with toys and real items like remotes, cell phones, keys, name it! He laughs his head off when paper is torn or when he hears plastic bags. It is hilarious! His second tooth peeked through yesterday. He definitely does not love teething. Poor little guy. :( He gives open mouth kisses and when he is sleepy, he buries his face in your shoulder. I just love that! He is still a big time flirt when we are out and about ~ he smiles away at anyone and everyone...especially other kids. He is getting more and more vocal every day. He likes to say "ba ba" and shriek from time to time. He also has opinions now ~ especially at meal time! Sometimes I cannot shovel the food in fast enough and he lets me hear about it! He continues to be such a joy and I am trying to cherish every moment because it is just going by so quickly.
We went for his 9 month check up today and he weighs 18 pounds 13.3 ounces (22%) and he is 28 inches long (40%). He got one shot today and had his finger pricked to check his iron count. He did so good...he didn't even cry at the finger prick...he was more interested in the latex glove on the nurse's hand. There were a few tears with the shot, but once he discovered he had a bright yellow bandaid on his finger from his finger prick he forgot all about it. Dr. Cook said he looked great. He commented on how "busy" Hudson was. Should I be worried that a doctor who sees kids all day long thought Hudson was busy? Yikes! I was worried that he wasn't crawling yet, but Dr. Cook wasn't worried at all. He said some babies never do crawl...we'll see...Hudson seems to do things when he is good and ready. He also should start pulling up any time now...again...he'll do it when he is ready!
Hudson next to his pillow!

Hudson decided he was done taking pictures next to his pillow, so he proceeded to lay down and scoot away...

I laughed out loud when I went in to get Hudson this morning. I have NO IDEA how, but he had one arm out of his pj's. I of course had to sit him up and grab the camera.


Kara Wilson said...

Happy 9 month birthday, Hudson! You are getting so big in front of your pillow! What a happy little man!!! His smile is so cute- I just love it!!!

Meredith said...

Wow! Happy 9 months! He is such a happy little guy and yes, it doesn't matter how much prodding or pleading we do, babies will do things on their own timetable!!! Glad the appt. went well!

Porter Carroll said...

Hilarious! I love it! I love the pj story. :)

Grow with Griffin said...

Happy Nine Month Bday Mr. Man! Love your morning PJ photo! We hope to see you soon!