Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Playgroup Pictures!

Meredith and Reid, Brittney and Quinn, Kara and Tanner, Hudson and I, Amy and Porter

Quinn, Hudson (didn't enjoy this), Tanner, Porter, and Reid (who loved Tanner's pants!)

We are cracking up in this picture because Reid was screaming. He didn't like this pose AT ALL! :)

Playgroup was at Brittney and Quinn's house today and we had fun as we always do. We decided to take some pictures because most of the gang was there today. (We missed Allie and Chapman!) I think the mommies definitely enjoyed taking the pictures more than the boys did! There was at least one boy crying in each shot. :) It is so fun seeing how the little ones are changing throughout the weeks. I can hardly believe that Hudson will be as big as Reid and Quinn in 4 months!! We are going to take the boys to a pumpkin patch next Monday...I can hardly wait.


The Family said...

Oh my gosh!!!That is super cute! You guys look like you are havin' so much fun! Hope to see you soon!

ThePoeFam said...

Loved our time together and can't wait until next time! Love ya, girl! :)