Friday, October 26, 2007

Another busy week...

Hudson "Trick or Treating" at Noni's office!

Hudson sleeping at the Pumpkin Patch
Hudson and Noni
Hudson meeting his new friend Griffin!

This week has been packed! On Monday, Griffin Helwig made it into this world. We spent the day at the hospital waiting for him to arrive. Hudson did SO GREAT waiting around all day. We were so excited that Griffin finally came!! I know that they will become fast friends. :) (It doesn't help that his Mommy and I have been best friends for years!!) On Wednesday, we went back to the pumpkin patch with Melissa and Colton. However, once again, we didn't get any pictures of Colton and Hudson together. Maybe next time!!! Finally, today was Trick or Treating at Noni's office for all children and grandchildren. Of course, Hudson didn't go for the candy, but Noni wanted to show him off. He wasn't too thrilled about being put back into his little dragon costume, so he just went around without it. He slept most of the time as all of her friends came to meet him. I'm sure next year he will be ready to run down the hallways! :)

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Shara Smith said...

He just keeps getting more adorable every day!! I still need to meet him in person. We need a Mommy/Boys playdate with Les and Griffin. Glad you guys are doing so well!! Love ya.