Thursday, March 24, 2016

Puppy Party!!

When planning Holden's 2nd birthday party, I immediately thought of his love of dogs and decided a puppy party would be perfect!  I had so much fun planning the fun details to make his party full of all things puppy!  Here is the birthday boy playing in some decorations while I was getting everything ready!
 Here are some pics of how the food and decor turned out...loved it all!!

 The "pupcakes" had paw prints on them!  :)

 For party favors, the kids got to adopt a tiny puppy and take home doggy ears!

 I was going to do a bounce house originally, but since it rained EVERY DAY leading up to the party, I decided it wasn't a good idea.  The backyard was a pit!  Since there weren't a lot of kids anyway...only 4 littles and two older siblings to play with Hudson, the kids had fun playing upstairs before eating.
 Holden has been asking Hudson to hold him it!
 The birthday boy climbed up on the couch with one of Hudson's game controls.  Silly boy!

 Then he tried to share with sweet!  He was adamant that he wanted to get in Jen's lap! She definitely had her hands full!

 The big kids eating and being silly.

 Sweet littles eating their lunch.

 Holden LOVED it when everyone sang happy birthday.  When the song was over, he said, "happy" with a huge smile on his face.  Sweet boy!!

 Our family picture attempt.

 Yum, yum!
 Cousin Luke enjoying his cupcake.

 After nap, Holden opened some of his gifts.  He wanted to play with the toys when they were opened, so it took a LONG time!!  

 Sweet Aunt Fern even gave Hudson a these two!!

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