Friday, March 25, 2016

Happy #2 Holden!!

Not sure how it happened, but my sweet second born turned 2 on March 14th!!!  I walked in his room to see this sweet smiles...
 He was so excited to see the balloons all over the floor of his room!

 He started the day with a donut for breakfast...he was in instant love!

 After getting dressed, this boy would not give me any smiling pictures!!!  Stinker!  He still looks cute though!  :)
We took him to Chuck E Cheese for the first time for dinner and games that night and he loved it!  He had a wonderful second birthday!!
At 2...Holden is crazy busy, all over the place, super smiley, a good eater, dog lover, ball thrower, happy, mama loving toddler!!! He is a complete joy and makes you smile being around him by his silly ways.  His strong willed personality is coming through in a big way, but he is happy go lucky at the same time.  He perfectly completes our family of four and we couldn't love him any more!!  Happy #2 buddy!! 

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