Thursday, January 7, 2016

Christmas Eve

This year, we attended the 3:00 family service at our church on Christmas Eve.  We haven't gone to that service since Hudson was Holden's age!  We all definitely prefer the later services that end in candlelight, but candles, quiet, and Holden don't mix very well.  Ha!  So, we changed things up a bit.  We went to church, then came home so the boys could open their traditional pajama gift from us before going to visit Kelly's family.  
 When Hudson was really little, I always just bought cute Christmas pajamas to open, but as he has gotten older, I have tried to buy pajamas that go along with something he likes at the time.  I think it will be fun to look back on one day.  This year, he is all about Star Wars!  Since Holden doesn't have an opinion about that sort of thing yet, I thought it would be fun to coordinate pajamas.  So, Hudson got Storm Trooper pajamas and Holden got Darth Vader pajamas complete with a cape!  
 Holden just liked ripping the paper!  :)

 After celebrating with Kelly's family, we came home and quickly got the boys in bed and I snapped a quick picture of the tree before going to bed myself!

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