Friday, January 23, 2015

Awards, awards, and more awards!

This morning, Hudson's school had their 9 week awards.  I am beyond proud of this boy.  He received SIX awards today!!!  He received an award for mastering his addition facts 0-5, another for mastering 6-11, the Marvelous Mathematician Award, Rock Star Reader (for already reading at the end of 1st grade level), on time award (for no tardies...I think this award should go to me...ha!), and an award for completing addition on XtraMath.  This one was kind of amazing because only 4 kids in all of 1st grade got this one...he mastered a computer program on his addition facts where he only had 3 seconds to answer 100 math facts.  I think I'm going to start referring to him as my little math wizard!!  

Way to go Hudson!!!!!

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