Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Halloween 2014

Halloween fell on a Friday this year, and man was it a busy day!!!  We started out the day by having a fun breakfast.  I normally make ghost pancakes, but was out of the ingredients to make them.  Oops!  Mom fail.  As I was panicking in the kitchen, Kelly said to try to make them out of frozen waffles.  This was my attempt at a spooky breakfast. :/  Hudson didn't mind a bit, thankfully!
After dropping off Hudson at school, Holden and I headed back up there less than an hour later for the 9 weeks awards assembly.  I COULD NOT be more proud of Hudson.  For the second year in a row, he received the Shining the Way award.  This award is only given out to one boy and one girl from each class.  Warms my heart!!!  He also received perfect attendance for the 9 weeks and the on time award for never being tardy. Yea Hudson!!

 Love this sweet boy!!
 After the assembly, Holden and I headed back home so he could take a nap before heading back up to school for Hudson's class party.  First they decorated ghosts...
 Then, they were turned into mummies!

 That night we had our traditional Jack O Lantern pizza for dinner.  I think Hudson was going to eat the whole thing.  Nut!
 I had grand plans of cute pictures of the boys this year.  When Hudson decided to be Hiccup from the movie How to Train Your Dragon, I immediately searched for a dragon costume for Holden.  Cute idea, right??  Well, I didn't think about the fact that Holden might not like his darling dragon costume.  Or, the fact that he might actually HATE his adorable little dragon costume.  Yep, I got three pictures before he completely freaked out.  :(

 That was as good as it got.  He REALLY didn't like the hat!!

 At least my big boy cooperated!  

 We met up with Hudson's friend Jaxon from school to go trick or treating that night.  Our little grumpy dragon went to bed while Noni stayed at the house and passed out candy.
Our neighbor scared Hudson early in the night before we headed out.  So, on our way home Hudson decided he wanted to squirt him with silly string that one house gave instead of candy.  Here he is squirting Rodney!

 When we got home, Hudson went through his loot and got to choose one piece of candy before bed.  It was a great day!!


The Kilgore Corral said...

I love your waffles!! Such a fun idea. And your little, grumpy dragon is pretty stinkin' precious!

Donnell Days said...

Thanks!! I kind of love that he was a grumpy dragon! :)