Tuesday, November 18, 2014

8 Months!

Eight months, really?!?  It is hard to believe that Holden is already 8 months old!!!    I know I say it every month, but he continues to be an absolute JOY!  He really is the happiest little thing.  He loves to eat, play (or jump like a crazy man) in his exercauser, eat, be sung to, eat, watch Hudson play, eat (HA...you get it!!), be tickled, take baths, hold his feet, bang toys around that make noise, and snuggle.  I had to include the eating because this kid loves.to.eat.  He of course still gets his main food supply from me, which he continues to want in the middle of the night, but he is also eating solids like a champ.  He still doesn't care for peas or green beans, but all other foods get gulped right down.  We call him a little bird because he just sits in his high chair with his mouth open for bite after bite.  He had his first ear infection the day he turned 8 months.  :(  When they weighed him I laughed because he was one ounce shy of 20 pounds!!  Chunk!!  Dr. Smith made the comment that you would never know how small he started out.  He's definitely healthy!  Here he is smiling despite the fact that his ear hurt...sweet boy!

I couldn't love him more...he is the perfect completion to our family!!!

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