Friday, September 12, 2014

Broken Clavicle :(

Well, as a mom of two boys, I knew it was going to happen one day.  We were at a birthday party on August 30th at a close friend's house.  They had a huge water bounce house slide in the backyard with a tarp under it.  The tarp was really wet and as my sweet boy was rounding the corner of the tarp to get back on the slide, he fell.  He fell just right too...right on his shoulder.  He didn't complain much when it happened, didn't really even cry.  He just said his shoulder hurt and he didn't want to slide anymore.  There was a nurse at the party who felt all over his shoulder and had him move his arm in many different directions and she felt that he was OK.  So, after taking some Motrin and an ice pack to go, we headed home.  We were contemplating going to the ER, but Hudson told us he felt better.  Well, needless to say, he woke up at 3:30 that morning in pain.  So, we headed to the ER instead of church to discover he broke his clavicle.  The ER doctor said he was really tough because he pressed right on the break (before the x-rays) and Hudson didn't even flinch.  So, a sling has become part of his wardrobe for the next 6 weeks.  Poor thing doesn't get to do some of the things he loves most:  soccer, karate, recess, or PE, but he has had an amazing attitude so far.  Here's hoping the next few weeks go by REALLY fast!!

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