Saturday, July 19, 2014

Annual San Antonio Trip

This past Thursday morning, we headed to San Antonio for our annual trip with Noni.  This year it was a little shorter because of a business trip for Kelly, but we packed in as much as we could in three short days!  We had to have dinner at Casa Rio on the Riverwalk the first is our tradition.  Hudson and Noni waiting for a table...
 Hudson learned a little about Texas history this past year, so he was interested in going to the Alamo.  It was dark after dinner, but we walked over to see it.
 Holden was delirious at the Alamo.  Sweet boy.
 Friday morning we arrived at what I am convinced is Hudson's favorite place on earth...Sea World!  He asked us this year if we could move to San Antonio so we could have season passes to Sea World.  Ummmm, NO!
They changed the more whales to great you, but this sign instead.
 Our family.  
 Daddy and Hudson petting dolphins.
 Kelly snapped this picture of the boys and I watching the Sea Lion show.  Holden really seemed to be watching funny!
 Then, I snapped this one at Azul.  Right after this, Holden fell asleep on Kelly and slept through the rest of the show and while walking around.  Poor baby was exhausted.
 I had to throw in a Shamu pic!
 We stayed at Sea World all day and made sure to see every show and every exhibit.  It was the PREFECT was actually overcast and in the 80's all day.  CRAZY for July!!  We really could not have asked for a better day.  The next morning, we got up and headed for this wild place:
 It was the strangest place.  It had these lion "cubs" which seemed huge to me!
 There were peacocks and chickens just roaming around.  They also had a camel, zebras, hyenas, mountain lions, ground hogs, otters, and many other animals.  Such a unique variety.
 Oh, and did I mention snakes??  LOTS AND LOTS of snakes!!!!!  We watched a show about snakes and then Daddy and Hudson got to pet this python.  YUCK!

 These were the only reptiles I cute are these baby turtles?!?
 Holden wasn't very excited about the snakes either.

Hudson and Daddy feeding these bearded dragons worms.  Again, YUCK!
 Then, this happened...
 One of the workers came out with a snake named Jake and Hudson wanted to hold it.  What?!?  I couldn't believe it.  He didn't hesitate...just walked right up and asked for it to be put around his neck.  Crazy kid!!
Even though it was a little shorter, we had an AMAZING trip!!!

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