Monday, June 9, 2014

Last Soccer Game

Hudson had his last soccer game on May 17th.  He absolutely LOVES soccer and was sad the season was over.  No worries...we have signed him up for a soccer camp this summer and he is already registered for Fall soccer!  :)  He told us the other day that he wants to play soccer as his job when he grows up.  Hmm...we've got a lot of practice to do!
There's our #6 in about to kick the ball.
 He and Jordan on the sidelines.
 Sweet Kylie surprised him by coming to his last game.  Love her!
 Team Picture:
Coach Kelly (AKA Daddy) Coach Matt
Jordan, John, J'Paul, Zachary
Hudson, Cooper, Riley, Greyson
 We had their team party after their game with pizza, cookies, and a trophy presentation.
 The dads were taking a break at the party!  
It was such a fun season and Daddy and Coach Matt have signed up to coach again in the Fall with all of the players returning.  Can't wait to watch the Little Monsters in September!

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