Monday, June 9, 2014

Destin 2014...the trip that almost didn't happen!

This year, the Destin trip was planned during Hudson's last week of school.  It was a jam packed week...splash day, movie day, graduation...the list goes on.  So, we decided to miss Destin because Hudson had school.  Two weeks before the trip, Kelly asked me what I would say if we could go after all.  I told him there was no way, but if we could, I wanted to be back for graduation.  Well, Nana found an extra condo for our family and we went for it.  For the first time ever, we DROVE...eek!!  It actually wasn't horrible believe it or not.  I used a lot of Pinterest ideas to keep Hudson occupied and was shocked at how easy the drive was.  We arrived before the people that flew, so we went to Harborwalk Village for dinner.  They had these giant hamster balls that Hudson absolutely LOVED!!!

 He was a HOT MESS when he got out, so he got a sno-cone to cool off.
Daddy and Holden walking back to the car...Holden was a hot mess from sweating in his carrier.
 The first day on the beach was BEAUTIFUL!!
 Can you say happy boy??  :)
 It was WAY TOO hot and sunny for Holden on the beach, so he spent most of his time in the condo.  He did take his first dip in the pool with Nana one evening as the sun was going down.  He looks so serious!
 Hudson flying through the air thanks to Uncle Todd.
 Beach Baby
 Holden and Daddy talking one evening before bed.  :)
 Cat napping with Uncle Geoff.
 One morning I snapped this picture of Hudson kissing Luke.  Precious!

 Hudson loved being on the boogie board this year.  The water was flags every day.  Poor Nana got a workout helping him with the boogie board every day.

 Our last day there we actually got Daddy on the beach.  There were a ton of tiny fish, so we fished for a LONG time that morning!!
 The suncreen that NEVER soaked in!!  Check out his white face...ha!
 Sweet boy with a sand castle that he made.

 Kelly and I with Geoff and Tara.

 The last night there we took Hudson back to Harborwalk Village so he could get in the hamster balls again.  We seriously need to find these in Dallas!
 Then, we went to ride go-karts.  They actually had some that he was able to ride by himself.  
 Then, he rode fast ones with Nana.
 Daddy, Nana, and Hudson had a water fight on these bumper boats.  It was one time that Mommy was thankful to have to wait with Holden.  They were beyond soaked when they got off!  
 It was a FABULOUS trip and I'm so glad we made it at the last minute!!  Here are some pics of Holden on the way home...such a sweetie!

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