Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Class Christmas Party

Hudson's class Christmas party was Friday, December 20th and being Room Mom, I was in charge of the party.  It went QUICK because it was an early release day, so we only had 30 minutes to do the party.  We started by making a snowman ornament, then their favorite...snack time.
 After their snack, they did a book exchange.  They sat in a circle and had to pass their wrapped books around while I read a Christmas book.  Each time I said the word Christmas, they had to pass.

 Hudson with his sweet class.  :)
The best part was the fact that it was an early release day and we were allowed to take our kids early if we wanted.  His class was going to recess, so he asked if he could stay for that.  His sweet teacher said I could come out with her because she had recess duty, so we got to chat and I got to see my sweet boy playing with his friends.  Then, we got to leave and go have lunch together and start our Christmas break early!!

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