Monday, October 14, 2013

Watch DOG

Wednesday, October 9th was an exciting day for Daddy and Hudson.  Daddy signed up to be a Watch DOG at Hudson's school for the day and his day finally arrived.  It was a busy day because it was also Walk to School Day and it was bully prevention week and all of the students were supposed to wear orange for the day.  So, Daddy and Hudson left bright and early and walked to school at 7:10 that morning.  Here they are before heading out:
 We of course had to have a silly face picture:
 I got one text during the day from Kelly saying it was going well.  That afternoon, I walked outside to see them walking home.  Kelly was BEAT!  He was scheduled for recess for an hour and half straight and said he played tag the entire time.  He also was in PE for two classes and did a lot of running as well.  There was also reading to the first graders in the library, helping out in the lunchroom, and finally Hudson's favorites...being on the morning announcements with Hudson, eating lunch with Hudson, and helping out in Hudson's room.  :)  They both had a fabulous day and neither can wait for Daddy to do it again next year!  

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