Sunday, November 4, 2012

Owens Farm

I have been taking Hudson to Owens Farm every Fall since he was a baby, and this year was no different!  Last Monday, we went with Jessica, Stone, and Rowan and had a blast.  Since Hudson has always been such an animal kid, I think this is by far his favorite pumpkin patch.  He loves feeding the goats every year.  :)
 He was very serious on the hay ride this year. :)
 Picking out the perfect pumpkin.

 He and Stone posing for us.
 The funniest part of the day was when the workers came out to pick up all of the yucky pumpkins.  Hudson and Stone immediately started helping them and were SO in to it!  After helping collect the pumpkins, the guy even let them throw some of them over the fence for the horses to eat.  I think they had more fun "working" that day than anything else that they did.  So random!!  
With Hudson starting Kindergarten next year, I am really trying to soak up all of these days where we can do fun stuff like this.  I know it will be a whole new ballgame next year!

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