Thursday, September 27, 2012

Plano Balloon Festival...Finally!!

After living here all these years and attending church right across the street, we finally made it to the Plano Balloon Festival last Friday night!  We tried to go last year, but after paying to get in, it started to rain and they cancelled it.  So, this was finally our year, and it didn't disappoint!  When we got there, we decided dinner was the first order of business and were so excited to get Urban Crust!  Yummy!  Then, we found a spot front and center, set up our chairs and began to watch the balloons inflate and be sent off.  It was so neat to see how big they actually are...they are HUGE!!!

 Hudson liked watching the fire...
 This was his favorite hot air balloon...
 Eating ice cream getting ready for the glow.

 The glow was THE BEST!  After the first glow, we got to go down on the field and see them up close.  SO COOL!!  We all had such a good time!  This will definitely be a family tradition.  :)

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