Friday, August 31, 2012

Playdate friends for a lifetime!

These precious children have been friends since they were born...
 To begin this post, I am going to have to rewind 6+ years because that is where the story begins.  Six+ years  ago I taught with two amazing friends, Melissa and Jessica.  We were all starting our families around the same time and all planned on staying at home with our little ones.  Melissa got to be a mommy first and soon after I had Hudson we realized we needed regularly scheduled playdates...mostly for our own sanity!  So, we started getting together every other week to visit and play.
 Colton and Hudson...I remember the picture with the drum so vividly because that was the first time that Hudson really "played" with another child!
 Jessica then had Stone and our playdates of 2 soon became playdates of 3.
Hudson, Colton, and Stone
 Then, Melissa had #2:
Stone, Hudson, Colton, and Brody
 Soon after that, Jessica had Rowan...the only girl to the rowdy boys!
Brody and Rowan

 These crazy kids have seen each other almost every 2 weeks their entire lives!!  Colton just started Kindergarten, so our 2 week playdates will be moved slightly, but we know these kids will be FOREVER friends...just like their mommies!  :)
Stone, Hudson, Colton, Rowan, and Brody
I wish I could take credit for the pictures in this post, but I got them from my friend Melissa's blog...thanks Melissa!  :)

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