Monday, August 20, 2012

It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Superman!!

A few months ago when I asked Hudson what he wanted to do for his birthday party, he immediately said he wanted it at a bounce house place and he wanted a Superman party.  I tried and tried to convince him to do something other than a bounce house place because that is what he picked the past two years, but the kid knows what he wants!  So, I compromised by picking a new bounce house place.  :)  I found the cutest invitations on Etsy and LOVED them!!  They looked like a page from a comic strip!!
 Hudson's sweet babysitter (and my former 3rd grade student) came to the party.  He was beyond thrilled that Kylie came to play!
 Our attempt at a family shot before all of the guests arrived.
 Hudson was very serious before they got to start bouncing.
 Then, the bouncing began!!  I think everyone (kids and adults) had a great time bouncing and going down the giant slides!!
Griffin and Leslie
 Paw-Paw, Aunt Shani, Unlce Todd, Uncle Geoffrey, and Dena
 Hudson and Hunter kept Uncle Geoffrey busy playing basketball for quite a while!

 Daddy taking a break and Aunt Tara, Noni, and Aunt Tara taking a break.
 Hudson about to fly down.
 I normally order my cupcake toppers, but made them myself this year.  I was super excited at how they turned out!
 I also made the fun centerpieces for the tables...loved them!
 Hudson and I made monster cookies for his party favors and stuffed them in Superman cups with a Superman ring tied around the top with a note saying, "I hope you had a super time!"  

 Hunter and Aaron
 Uncle Geoffrey, Hudson, Aurora, Griffin and Greyson
 This bounce house place did the most fun thing...with 20 minutes left in the party, they gave all the kids a glow necklace, turned out the lights, turned up the music, and had disco balls spinning.  The kids LOVED it!!  This is what all of the adults were doing in the dark...
 Greyson, Aurora, and Griffin
 Uncle Geoffrey, Hudson, Hunter
 Sweet Colton posing for a picture.  :)

  A nice family slide...SUCH FUN!!
 Love the group shot of all the sweaty, tired kids at the end of the party!
 Hudson was all business when it was time to blow out his candles.

 During the cupcakes, a special visitor arrived...SUPERMAN himself came to Hudson's party.  The kids were so excited!!
 Hudson could not stop laughing...he didn't know what to think!
 Superman posed with almost everyone...we actually sent a picture of him posing with the thank you cards so the kids could remember meeting Superman.

 It took a while, but Hudson finally warmed up to Superman!

 All of the family with the amazing Superman!  I didn't notice until afterwards how the walls matched Superman's colors!  :)
 After the party, the family along with Leslie and Griffin headed to Chuy's for dinner.  YUMMY!
Aunt Fern, Dena, and Leslie

 Hudson and Griffin got some play time in with Uncle Geoffrey.
 When we got home, Hudson got to open all of his presents.  It was definitely a fun-filled day!!

Here's to #5!!  LOVE this boy!!!!  :)

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