Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Geoff & Tara's Wedding

Saturday, June 16th, we headed to Mexico for Geoff and Tara's wedding.  Hudson was beyond excited to go to the beach and we were all excited to go...period!  :)  It was a fabulous vacation, wedding, you name it...everything was perfect and we definitely didn't want to leave when it was time.
When we woke up the first morning there, Hudson didn't even want to eat breakfast.  He put on his bathing suit and was READY.TO.GO!  So fun!!  No hesitation...he just ran in!

 The second night, we had dinner at a hibachi restaurant.  This is the second time that Kelly and I have had sushi in Mexico and it was wonderful again...who knew?!?
 Everyone needs to have a little fun with chopsticks!  :)

 Chopsticks + silly puddy = fun!

 After a yummy dinner, we headed to a sports bar at the resort to watch a little bit of the Thunder game.  
 Hudson was full of love for Uncle Geoff and Aunt Fern.
 We definitely spent more time at the pool than anywhere else.  Hudson swam, and swam, and swam...

 He tried to hold two macaws, but...
 ...they tried to take a bite out of him.  Not cool!  :(

 Hudson wanted to snorkel SO BAD.  He even had practiced in Paw-Paw and Nana's pool and had it down, but the waves were too strong.  Maybe in a few years when he is a little older we can actually go on an excursion!
 The wedding, oh the is the cutest little "bubble blower" you have EVER seen!!!!  
 Posing with Great Mamaw, Great Aunt Fern, and Uncle Geoff.
 Hudson and Jack getting ready to take their positions.  Seriously, couldn't you just squeeze them?!?
 Right before the ceremony...SO PRETTY!

 Hudson and Jack scheming!  

 Hudson and Jack taking their jobs VERY seriously...they walked down the aisle blowing bubbles.

 Welcome to our crazy family Tara!!!  LOVE YOU!!

 The pictures after the ceremony are some of my absolute favorites of the kids.  They had so much fun playing in the sand!

 I think I have secretly always wanted to do this.  :)


 After all of the pictures were taken and a sit down meal was finished, the party began!  Dad dancing with Shani and I for the father/daughter dance...spinning us both at the same time...the man has talent!

 This little guy was a HIT at the reception.  Check out his off, tie off, vest off, shirt unbuttoned, and the boy is GETTING DOWN!  It was pure greatness!!
 The next morning, we made sure to get a lot more swimming in before we headed home.  Hudson's favorite part...being launched in the air by Uncle Todd!  
SUCH a fabulous wedding and vacation all wrapped up in one!!  :)

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