Monday, January 30, 2012

Thanks Pinterest!!

I have to admit that I have a slight addiction to Pinterest. I have found SO MANY good ideas, recipes, and fun activities on there and have finally started putting some of them to use! I have been so inspired that I sat down and wrote some of my "Fun for Hudson" ideas down on the calendar and have been doing one of them a week. Hudson is LOVING the activities so much and I am having just as much fun as he is! This is what we've been up to:

First up, glow balloons! (I could NOT figure out how to get a good picture of this...I definitely need help figuring this out!!) We literally sat in his room for an hour at a time in the dark throwing balloons back and forth. The child was in heaven!

Before bath, we popped the balloons and he took a glow bath. SO FUN!

Next up...a giant color sheet/play sheet! I simply drew a city on a shower curtain liner...
Here he is checking it out.

...he started out by coloring on it...

...then he brought cars, planes, and eventually horses on it. Again, played on this for about 45 minutes straight. The best part is that I just folded it up so we still have many more hours of fun with it!

Homemade bathtub painting was next. I let him add the food coloring to the shaving cream. He had fun mixing the colors and guessing what it would make once I stirred it up.

Our finished product:

Then, he was ready to go.

We were working on letter B, so I figured he could get some tracing practice in there!

I think he loved making a big mess the best! Can't wait to see how our next few weeks of activities go. Thanks Pinterest!!


Trina said...

Love, love, love this post! So fun! I love the idea of the large city on a shower curtain! Thanks for sharing all of your awesome finds on Pinterest!

Donnell Days said...

Thanks Trina! You have to do the shower curtain has literally provided hours of fun and I got the curtain liner at the Dollar Tree!

The Rodriguez Crew said...

I just clicked on your link from PoeFam (of course Pinterest got my attention!) :) ... and I'm literally going to copy all 3 of these activities! Thanks for giving me a kick in the booty! :)