Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Summer of Swimming

This was definitely the summer of swimming for us this year! Hudson started taking swimming lessons at Emler Swim School in April and is actually still taking them. To say he loves swimming is an understatement...the kid is a FISH! It helped that he had his friend Tanner in the same class and he also had the sweetest teacher ever, Miss Lisa. I took the camera to one class to try to capture this stage of his swimming and the pure JOY he has on his face!

Swimming to Miss Lisa.

Floating on his back while Miss Lisa sang the Tiny Turtle song.
One of the big skills they teach is jumping off the wall and then swimming back.

They also practiced with these bars a lot.

Hudson and Tanner with Miss Lisa

Hudson and Miss Lisa :)

Like I said, he is still taking swimming through the Fall. He moved up a few levels and has a different teacher now, but we still get to see Miss Lisa every week. The class he is in now is MUCH tougher, but he is adjusting. He is actually working on strokes and swimming on top of the water instead of swimming under the water like he was previously. It will be interesting to see how much he improves in the next few months!

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