Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hudson's FOURTH birthday!!!

I don't know where the time has gone, but my baby is now FOUR! I think it is safe to say, he had a WONDERFUL birthday!! Since his birthday was on a Saturday this year, we decided to do his party on the actual day. It was so fun having him wake up to family already being here and then get ready to go his party!

Here is the birthday boy running out of his room!

He immediately wanted to open some presents. :)
Definitely one of his faves...

After playing and eating breakfast, we headed to his party. He started telling me MONTHS ago that he wanted his party at the same place as last year. He NEVER waivered, so that is where we had it! Since he is really in to Buzz Lightyear, the theme was an easy choice.

The kids watching the safety video before bouncing.

Very serious stuff here.

Then, the bouncing began. I thought I got a picture of all of his friends, but of course I didn't. Oops!

Hudson got in and played with the big boys!

The giant slide was definitely a favorite!

The big kids liked the slide too! :)

Lining up to go to the next bounce room.

The spider climber was the favorite in the second room.

Next, we headed to the party room.

Hudson's party favors this year were Hershey bars with Buzz Lightyear wrappers.

Buzz cupcakes and decorations. :)

Singing to the birthday boy.

Cupcake time!

After the party, we went to lunch and Hudson took a much needed nap. When he woke up, he was ready to roll...

After riding his scooter and playing with his new toys, we headed to Amazing Jakes. His day kept getting better and better!

Being four rocks!

Posing with Aunt Shani and Mommy. Look at those wild eyes...somebody was TIRED!

Hudson turning FOUR was a blast for all of us! It was so special being able to spend his actual birthday with most of his close friends and family.

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Trina said...

This is awesome!!! We are having a Buzz and Rex party this weekend for Pearson's 4th and Brian's 40th birthdays! Pearson has assigned us each a role in our home and he is Buzz and Brian is Rex, hence the theme. Pearson will be wearing the exact same shirt this Sat as Hudson wore.We too will be having cupcakes with toppers that my sis has made for me. We have got to get together, as we have way too much in common to not be getting together more often. Loved all your pics! Looks like a great day!