Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sweet Momma's Getaway!

I never could have guessed 4 summers ago when I met for a playgroup (which most of us were still pregnant at the time) that I would end up becomming such good friends with this amazing group of girls. We have watched our kids grow together, we have grown as moms together, and have grown as friends. I am truly blessed to have these "Sweet Mommas" (as we have named ourselves) in my life! We decided a few months ago to have our very first kid free getaway. We were so excited when we found out that a friend of Alli's from church was going to let us use her house at Possum Kingdom Lake. It COULD NOT have been more perfect!!

Check out the back porch...awesome for morning chatting!
Several of us slept in these bunk beds. Totally reminded me of church camp...LOVE IT!

Amazing views all around!

When we arrived and unloaded all of our stuff, ate lunch, grabbed a fun cocktail and headed to the pool!

A lineup of sussies we brought for each other! :)

A quick pose before getting some sun.

This pool was AMAZING!!!

When we had our fill of time in the sun, we headed back to the house for dinner. Don't you love this shot of us toasting??

Since Meredith's birthday was right before we left, we did a little celebrating. Cara made these precious rainbow cakes in jars. They were DELISH!

We took our cakes outside to eat in our jammies. Does life get any better than that?!?

That night we had a little "favorite thing" gift exchange. It was SO FUN and will definitely be a part of our getaway tradition.

We stayed up late, talking, laughing, and TALKING and LAUGHING!!! The EXACT thing we were there to do!

The next morning after sleeping in and a leisurely breakfast, we headed back to the pool. SO RELAXING!!!

A few pre-dinner pictures.

Being silly...LOVE IT!

We went to dinner that night at Wildcatter Ranch. It was awesome, but even better than dinner was our little photo shoot we had outside the restaurant. The people watching us probably thought we were insane..we were cracking up and taking a million pictures. There wasn't even any wine involved!!

The next morning we had to say good-bye to the lake house. :( We were sad to go, but so incredibly THANKFUL for the time we were able to spend together.

We grabbed lunch at a precious little sandwich shop in Mineral Wells before offically going home.

Below: Cara, Meredith, Brittney, Dena, Alli, Kara, and Amy

Cara made this to remember our first "Sweet Momma's Getaway!" It truly says it all. LOVE YOU GIRLS!!

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TK said...

This looks like SO MUCH FUN! Makes me miss my college girls. Glad you had such a great time.
<3 Tara