Tuesday, July 12, 2011

San Antonio 2011

Since our trip to Sea World last year, Hudson has brought it up at least once a week. So, about two months ago when I told him we were going again in July he talked about it each night before going to bed. We even had a countdown going! It is amazing to me how much he remembered from a year ago. To say that he was excited to go back is an understatement. The child was THRILLED! So, this past Thursday, Noni, Hudson and I loaded up and headed to San Antonio. (Daddy had to fly in on Friday night after work.)

Hudson woke up Friday READY.TO.GO. to Sea World!!!

One happy boy right here!
Crazy enough, we ran into The Poe Fam! How fun to see friends! We of course had to get a picture with Brittney and Quinn. :)

First stop, Shamu! I'm always amazed at this show...blows my mind.

Check out baby Shamu!

Next stop, the ski show. Hudson loved this so much that it surprised me. He always asks how old he'll have to be to ski when we are at the lake, and now he is asking me when he can ski like this. Hmm...never...please???

He LOVED the sea lion show!

How could you not love this guy?

I didn't get a picture, but they had the walrus do sit ups...crazy!

Look closely below and you'll see the baby sea lions...precious! They were still furry. :)

Noni told Hudson that he could pick out a treat while we were there and he found it immediately! Last year he picked out Shamu and this year he picked out this baby seal pup and promptly named it Locky. (No clue as to where the name came from, but he hasn't let go of it since this picture was taken. Locky has gone everywhere with us!)

After he got Locky, we decided we had had enough of the heat for one day and we headed back to the hotel for a nap and swimming. Kelly arrived Friday night around dinner and Hudson went to bed dreaming of ANOTHER Sea World day ahead!

Saturday morning we headed back out and let me just say that it was PACKED! Going on a Friday was MUCH BETTER for anyone planning to go.

Our first stop was the dolphins. We didn't make it for feeding time, but Hudson loved watching them on Daddy's shoulder.

We then headed back to the Shamu show because we didn't sit in the splash zone the day before and Hudson wanted to get wet. So, we braved the splash zone, and thankfully didn't get soaked! (Just a light drizzle!)

Baby Shamu was just too cute!

Waving to the whales.

Cool dude.

Next was Azul and I have to say, this show is awesome. There is so much going on and Hudson loved every minute of it.

See the beluga whale with its nose poking out??

We had planned on playing in the splash park after Azul, but Hudson wanted to climb instead. (The splash park was BEYOND packed anyway, so it worked out perfect.)

Hudson and Daddy way up high!

That evening, we headed to the River Walk for dinner. Hudson LOVED it too...we didn't think ahead enough to get tickets to ride a barge, but will definitely do it next year because Hudson was really interested in it. Oh well, dinner at Casa Rio was absolutely wonderful!! We of course had to take some family pics while we waited.

Take 1

Take 2

SUCH great long weekend! Hudson is already asking me to count down the days until we go back. It is going to be a long count down!

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Looks like soooo much fun!!! Hudson is so sweet!