Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 2010

What a weekend!! Our Easter weekend was busy from start to finish and I think Hudson enjoyed every minute of it! It started on Friday evening when we took him to see the Easter bunny. He was SO EXCITED until he got about 2 feet away from the bunny and he FROZE! Wouldn't. move. a. muscle! After much persuasion, he refused to sit next to the bunny even though he smiled and gave high-fives. So, what should have been a picture of Hudson and the bunny ended up being a family photo. Lovely!
Saturday morning we headed to church for their annual Easter Eggstravaganza. It was so fun this year...Hudson was so much more involved in everything than he was the past two years. It started with the egg hunt and he was a man on a mission...his tongue was even out he was concentrating so hard! :)
After the egg hunt, he jumped around in some bounce houses and then we had a picnic lunch and played around in the lawn for a while.

I think his favorite part might have been when Noni was getting the grass of the blanket from our picnic. The boy was in heaven!
Easter morning he was so excited to find out that the Easter Bunny had filled his Easter basket. He carefully went through it and then asked if he could have a jelly bean for breakfast. Hmm...
We then headed to church to celebrate the true meaning of Easter. I'm not sure if I've ever posted about this before, but every Sunday when we pick Hudson up from Sunday School, he heads straight to get a donut. We started giving him one when he had a hard time being dropped off at Sunday School, but now he hardly looks back when he goes in, but never lets us forget about his donut when he gets out! Here he is posing with his friend Ella and of course eating his donut!
Our family!
After lunch we decided to dye eggs so they could dry while Hudson was napping. Can you tell how sleepy this boy is? We put a big t-shirt on him for egg dying and he kept saying it was like a blanket it was so big...too cute!

Look how weird the purple ones are?!? They look like rocks!
After his nap, he headed out to go on another egg hunt!

Then, probably his FAVORITE part of the weekend...(A little history here...a few weeks ago at playgroup, Amy gave all the boys a kite. Well, Hudson's broke and he has been talking about a kite ever since. So, of course the Easter Bunny brought Hudson a kite and he couldn't wait to fly it!) We walked down to the field near the school at the end of our street to fly his first kite and the child went nuts! He loved EVERY MINUTE OF IT!

We hope you all had a blessed Easter 2010!

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