Thursday, November 12, 2009

Conversations with Hudson...

Hudson and I have conversations daily that CRACK ME UP. I mean, he will be talking and I will just burst out laughing, which most of the time results in him laughing too. I decided I need to start writing some of these down so I don't forget them. Here are 3 recent conversations that make me smile:

During breakfast last week:
Hudson: Paw-Paw and Nana?
Mommy: Yes, Paw-Paw and Nana are in Oklahoma. Do you need more milk?
Hudson: Nana do it.
Mommy: Hudson, Nana can't do it because she is in Oklahoma.
Hudson: Paw-Paw do it.
Mommy: Paw-Paw can't do it either Hudson. (Before I could finish...)
Hudson: Yes, Paw-Paw golfing.

Seriously?? My little guy already knows Paw-Paw is an avid golfer??

Sitting on the floor playing when Husdon got in my lap, faced me, and started playing with my necklace:
Hudson: Mommy's necklace.
Mommy: Yes, that is Mommy's necklace.
(Hudson found a hair on my shirt.)
Hudson: Mommy's hair.
Mommy: Yes, that is a hair that fell out.
Hudson: I put it back. (While putting the hair on top of my head!!)

Silly man!

Pulling the trashcan back into the garage:
Hudson: White on there.
Mommy: Yes, there is a white spot on top of the trashcan.
Hudson: Snowman did it.

Oh, silly boy...a snowman did it? Really?!? Did I mention he has been very in to snowmen lately.

So there you have it, some recent conversations with Hudson. I hope he'll always be this entertaining! :)


Shani Lannert said...

I can't wait to have some conversations with him this weekend! Too cute! I love how his little mind is growing at such a rapid rate. These are the good times! Can't wait to see you either. I still like the idea of you trying on the dresses so I can see them from afar, all the while having a glass of wine or champagne! TEE HEE! I love you!

Aurora said...

So cute! I love the funny, crazy things that kids say (and wish I knew what they were thinking in their heads too!)