Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Splish Splash and a BIG boo boo!

Let me start by saying it has been raining for a week now. It has been miserable outside and we have been really cooped up. So, when it was time to head to the Little Houses for playgroup yesterday we didn't hesitate, even though it was sprinkling at the time. Only four of us were able to go, and we figured we could just let the boys play in the red caboose. Well, by the time we got there it wasn't raining anymore and the boys wanted nothing to do with the caboose. I mean, they have been cooped up for a WEEK STRAIGHT...they wanted OUT. So, we happily obliged and let them go to town running in and out of the houses and throwing rocks in rain puddles. When another family arrived to play I decided to run back in the caboose to gather up our stuff. Little did I know that my little shadow was on my heals. He apparently was racing to catch me and while trying to get around the family that arrived took a nasty spill down the stairs of the caboose. (Insert tears here.) Annie saved the day with her First Aid kit (which I promptly need to get and put in the car!!!). Hudson didn't want the medicine, but I finally conviced him that he could splash in the puddles if he let me put it on. So, what started out as throwing rocks in the puddles turned in to this: Banged up boy standing in the water.
Sutton and Landon decided to pop a squat in the water!
Porter still playing with the rocks!
What does every injured boy need to eat for dinner? Frozen yogurt with M & M's and marshmallows of course! (Hudson picked the toppings, can you tell?) Yes, if you are wondering, we all took our SOAKING WET boys inside to have a treat. We were "those" moms and loving every minute!

Thanks Cara for these great pictures!!!


Aurora said...

Awww, poor Hudson. :( But what a fun day!!! Everyone needs time to splash in the rain puddles!

The Kilgore Corral said...

I love that you are one of "those" mommies!! So sorry about the boo-boo!

Cassidy said...

What a fabulous puddle! And that boo boo, that is serious! Nothing like frozen yogurt to ease his pain:)

Annie said...

Oh Hudson was such a trooper! I was so impressed!!! Such a tough little guy! That was probably one of my most favorite playdates! I have never laughed so hard! And we were totally "those" moms!!! Love it!

Tigert Tales said...

What great memories, except for the boo boo.

Cara Carroll said...

Seriously Dena, Hudson was SUCH a trooper! He seriously cried for a total of 2 seconds!! I couldn't believe it!!! That was one of the best playgroups ever!! So glad I have mommy friends who love dirty fun as much as I do!! I had a blast & I know the kids did, too!! Can't wait to do it again!!!!