Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sitting at the Table

A few weeks ago, Hudson started showing interest in sitting at the table to eat with us instead of sitting in his high chair. Since he isn't quite tall enough to just sit in the chair, we attached his booster seat and haven't looked back. He LOVES sitting with us. The only thing Mommy doesn't love is the fact that we have a glass table and it is G.R.O.S.S. after every meal! YUCK!! If you know of some cute, plastic placemats, please share!!! :)
What a big boy!! (I know the high chair is in the background...haven't gotten around to putting that up yet!)
Just a little glimpse of what Hudson does while I am cooking dinner...
...he is cooking of course!


Aurora said...

What a big boy! How fun! We got cute polka dot placemats at pottery barn kids...although they don't work great on a round table since they are rectangle. I think we need to find round placemats...do those exist??

Cassidy said...

what a big guy! I don't know if this would work and it is not cute, but it sticks to the table! http://www.kiddopotamus.com/p_tiny.php

I know of some really cute ones you can make. I will have to explain on the phone.

Cara Carroll said...

LOVE IT!!!! Dena, I swear he looks older & more "mature" every time I see him!!! Crazy!!! And seriously...even the wood table looks YUCK when Landon's finished eating...do you think they'll ever learn to eat "neatly"?!?! HA!!! Love ya!