Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hudson's Actual Birthday

Here's a little recap of Hudson's actual birthday!
When Hudson woke up Thursday morning, I went in singing Happy Birthday and found this confused and sleepy face:
After eating breakfast we headed to the doctor for his well visit. Yes, I scheduled his appointment on the actual day. There weren't any shots, so I figured he wouldn't mind. He made me laugh because he was "reading" in front of the fish tank and picked up this Shark book. How appropriate! I think these next few pictures might be my favorite pics of the day. He was stripped down and sitting on the window ledge waiting for the doctor to come in. Such a cutie!

After the doctor we headed to Hudson's favorite lunch spot...Taco Bueno.
After getting in a nap and some good playtime, we headed to Chuck E Cheese for dinner. Hudson is a pro at putting the coins in the slot!

I decided Hudson needed some candles to blow out on his actual birthday, so we went home to eat this:


After eating cake Hudson got to open a few presents. He definitely knew what to do, but was a little more interested in throwing the paper in the trash than the actual gift! (I know, I know...he is SO my child!!)
Let's play a little game of Where's Hudson...

After a fun filled day, I rocked the birthday boy for about 2 seconds and he was OUT! It sure is hard eating all that yummy food and having all that fun!! I still can't believe he is two...W.O.W.

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Annie said...

What a fun birthday!!!! Hudson is such a lucky boy!!! I can't believe all these little guys are turning two!!! We had such a great time at Husdon's party!!! Sutton loved it and you guys did such a great job!!! Happy 2nd Birthday Hudson!!!