Monday, August 24, 2009

Aunt Shani Came to Play!!!!

Aunt Shani was out of town the weekend of Hudson's birthday party, so she planned a special trip this past weekend to come visit. Hudson was beyond thrilled to have her all to himself!! He would run around the house saying "Shani" if she got out of his eye sight...cute, cute! We went to the Aquarium on Saturday and it was so fun as always.
(This bird that they are looking at started pecking a man's hand right after this picture was taken...I think he might have been hungry!)
Todd, Hudson, and Aunt Shani
Even though Hudson loved everything in the Aquarium, he REALLY loved Bob the horse that was waiting outside when we went to leave. He never got brave enough to pet him, but didn't want to walk away from him either.
After the Aquarium, we went to dinner and Aunt Shani's coolness did not disappoint the little man.
First she pulled up some 5 Little Monkey videos on her iPhone for him to watch...
Then, he got to play with this SUPER COOL new chalkboard that she brought him. It rolls up so you can take it places. How neat is that?!?

After dinner he got to throw rocks in the water with her.

Thanks for coming to visit me Aunt Shani! You are the coolest aunt ever and I love you!!!

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Aurora said...

Awwww! Looks like you all had a great visit! How CUTE is that chalkboard! Did she make it??